GAL4 Lines

We have performed an enhancer-trap experiment to generate GAL4-lines of Drosophila. F1 embryos from crosses of these lines with partners from UAS-lacZ stocks were stained for beta-galactosidase. GAL4-lines with expression patterns in the embryo are now included into FlyView.

There are vital and lethal insertions which are all asigned to chromosomes 2 or 3. Unfortunately, we have no in situ preparations for cytological localizations. We really hope that those of you who order GAL4 lines from this collection will give feedback to FlyView on their localization data.

You will find pictures of patterns via the Search Page and using "GAL4" as a search term in the genotype field. All lines are listed in the Overview section.

Generation of GAL4 Lines

Wilfried Janning, July 19, 1999; Last changes: July 19, 1999

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