FlyView is the beginning of an image database on Drosophila development and genetics, especially on expression patterns of genes (enhancer trap lines, cloned genes).The concept of FlyView includes compatibility to FlyBase, the main Drosophila database.

Our aim is to establish the possibilty to compare images on the computer screen and to search for special patterns at different developmental stages. Therefore, all images are accompanied by text descriptions that can be used for searching.

The success of this database exclusively depends on the activity of the Drosophila community. All Drosophila workers are asked to contribute to this database by submitting images and accompanying text.

In our first project we will collect

Images of enhancer-trap lines

In many laboratories around the world thousands of enhancer-trap lines were isolated by different methods and by using a variety of transposons. The expression patterns of many of these lines were published, most of them were not, but the flies are maintained in the stock collection at least for a limited time.

We want to collect pictures of expression patterns of all lines (published and unpublished) that are available for use by Drosophila researchers.

Submitting material to FlyView is explained HERE.

Janning, W.: FlyView, a Drosophila image database, and other Drosophila databases.
Sem. Cell & Develop Biol, Vol 8, 1997: pp 469-475

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